Top Ways to Save on Electricity Consumption at Home

Are you struggling with a huge electricity bill? You are not alone; many people are digging deep into their pockets to settle their home energy bills. It is time you put a stop to this energy expenses with these top ways to save on electricity consumption at home.

Set your thermostat accordingly

Smart thermostatA lot of your home power goes into heating and cooling of your home. It is time you ensure that you are not using more than necessary when making your home comfortable with habitable temperature. During summer, set your thermostat temperatures at 26 degrees Celsius and above. When winter comes, ensure that your thermostat temperature settings are between 18 and 20 degrees Celsius. It is important to note that every degree above the 20-degree Celsius mark accounts for 10% of your energy bill. At Smarthomelab, you can learn more about the smart options of a thermostat for your home.

Use cold water to wash your clothes

Unknown to you, using warm water to wash your clothes is driving your home energy bills higher than is reasonable. It is time you change this trend. There is no harm if you use cold water to wash your clothes. You will be saving quite a lot on energy consumption. From credible statistics, you can save up a lot of money per year on domestic energy consumption.

Add a ceiling to your roof

Did you know that an insulated roof saves big time on energy bills? It does and if you do not have one you are treading on a very costly path. It is time you add some ceiling to your roof. And you should be careful that you get the right R-value for the kind of environment you live in.

Close the windows and the doors when not in use

Cooling or heating your rooms takes a big chunk of the amount of energy you spend. Leaving the doors and windows open could be costing you much. You need to close the doors and windows of the rooms you are not using. This will leave you with heating or cooling needs for the room you use most of the time.

Turn off coolers and heaters when you do not need them

There is no need of leaving your heater or coolers on when you leave home. It is a mere waste of power. When you are done with everything in your house you should turn off the coolers and heaters. When you go to sleep you can as well turn off the heating or cooling system in the rest of the rooms to save on your power bills.

Replace your old bulbs with energy-efficient ones

Energy saving bulbsConventional halogen bulbs take up a lot of energy. It is time to replace them with LED bulbs, which are thoroughly power-efficient. And that is not all; they will give you a long life service. Even their replacement comes at a very pocket-friendly cost.

Make sure your fridge runs efficiently

Your home fridge runs on throughout. This makes it one of the most power-using appliances in your home. Therefore, you need it running efficiently all the time. Ensure the door is sealed and the freezing fluid is not stale. This way you will save on your energy bills.