Buying Guide for the Best Compartment Sink

In any restaurant, the kitchen is where most people invest more by exceptionally installing the best equipment. The common considerations are the compartment sinks; these are the ideal requirements for all the commercial kitchens in a restaurant. They are used for washing dishes or hand washing. However, you need to choose the best from multiple options available in the market. This might be a daunting task finding the perfect sink for your restaurant. The compartment sinks come in different shapes and sizes, and they serve different purposes respectively. For more information visit this link You need to have the following considerations when you are looking for the best compartment sink for your restaurant.




The material of the compartment sink is important when you are buying on for your commercial kitchen. Most compartment sinks are made of steel for durability. Although, there are different grades of the stainless steel. You need to differentiate these categories of steel and check on the manufacturer. The common types that are commonly used are the type 304. These are the best grades of steel for compartment sinks. You need to get money worth this sinks, and they make a better environment since they resist rust and have a heavy duty compared to type 403 steel.

The gauges

Different compartment sinks come with a specific type of gauge. The gauges indicate the thickness of the metal of the compartment sink. You buy a sink. You need to choose from the multiple options of gauges in the market. These gauges include 18 gauge, 14 gauge, and the 16 gauge. These gauges have different strength, durability, and ability to stand soft and hard water. Ensure that the compartment sink you buy has a gauge that is tougher to last longer and has the right size. The low size gauge is the best option for thicker metal.


The Extras

You need to check on other extra attachments on the compartment sink that you buy. These extra attachments will count for the best convenience for the sink. Some compartment sinks come with drainboards that can be used to dry the dishes after washing. Ensure that the sink also has a drilled hole that can support gooseneck and the pre-rinse faucets. However, the extras will depend on what you need. The sink might support few or more extras depending on the purpose you intend to use.



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The size of a compartment sink matters. As a purchaser, you need to pick a compartment sink with the right size to accommodate the dishes washed. The size depends on the amount of work to be done. The size will also depend on the size of your kitchen. Ensure that the cabinet of the sink is designed to be modified if there is a need. You need to know the correct measurement of the kitchen before you buy the sink. The sink should be installed appropriately to provide enough space in the kitchen. Therefore, it is important to choose an appropriate size of the compartment sink that can stand a reasonable quantity if dishes.