What is a landscape?

There are several different types of landscapes in the world. Ranging from Lake Hillier in Australia to the Socotra in Yemen. Every one of them has its own specialty and beauty. Some of them have been so amazing that it has baffled the onlookers and registered itself as one of the best in the world. But, the question that a lot of people constantly ask is what exactly  is landscape is?

Or how a certain place qualifies as a landscape? There is no particular answer to this question. Generally, it is considered as a terrain that has a unique pattern to it. It could contain one type of grass or several different kinds of trees. It mainly depends on either the people that planted those trees or the shape it took naturally courtesy of the surroundings.

The beauty of Savannah landscape

water fall Over the years many different types of landscapes have been discovered in exotic parts of the world, and their elusive nature has caught the eye of geographers. But, one landscape that is found in different places such as Africa, Australia, Georgia, etc. is the savannah landscapes.

Containing such as Rhodes, Red Oats, Lemon, Bermuda, and Elephant, the grass can grow to 10 feet depending on the country that it is situated in and the temperature that it receives. Apart from the plants, the pine, palms, and acacia trees grow extensively in Africa in the Savannah.

The most important aspect of Savannah is the canopy that does not close. It always leaves enough space for the sunlight to make its way to the ground. Moreover, the trees are so properly assembled that they do not get mingled with each other.

It is the reason that
Savannah is considered as one of the most amazing woodland grassland ecosystems. The place does not receive rain throughout the year. In fact, it only drops during one season of the year. But, still, the place blossoms and grows in the most prolific manner.

The concept of Savannah

niceThe concept of Savannah first came to the fold in the 19th century when different types of shrubs, trees, and plants were grown together in places that experienced seasonal rain and wildfire. These were the two distinct factors of the Savannah. The cultivation of the landscape is so well-designed that it has gathered some of the unique trees to grow together in a place that people could not imagine.

The Savannah is being threatened by many factors such man-made fires, the animals, and deforestation. A lot of the people living in the landscape tend to burn the unnecessary plants and grass in the region that has caused a wide-spread fire. It does not only damage the grass and the trees but can disturb the entire landscape.

Secondly, the animals that are left to graze the grass also tend to cause considerable harm to the place. There are preventive measures being taken against it, but nothing concrete has been achieved. Lastly, the usage of wood through deforestation remains the biggest threat to any forest or landscape.…