Tips on how to get rid of pests in your house

Pests have become a problem in most households. They have lead to the spread of diseases thus making most occupants of homesteads sick. Pests must be removed from the house as soon as they start appearing. The following are methods we can use to get rid of the pests in the homestead:

Cleaning up

house fly

Prevention is one of the right ways of keeping pest out. If you already have pets in your house preventive measure is the solution to preventing the problem from being big and also removing the available pests. The right way to keep unwanted rodents and bugs is by keeping the house clean and ensuring proper repair. Pets always get attracted to disgusting elements of the house, such as garbage, food residue, and leaky pipes. They can enter into your home from rooted wood, cracks, and drawn into plants that are overgrown and the nearby rubbish. Ensuring that everything is tidy in the house will help send away pests and ensure no more pests come in.


Using vinegar spray with spritz

If your pests are ants, the best way of keeping them out of the house is by using water and vinegar spray. Blend the water and vinegar in a sprinkling bottle. Look for the pathway that the ants use and spray it. Also, spray the surrounding of the house to prevent them from coming into the house.

Homemade Bait

To get the whole work done vinegar spray is not enough, create something extra like a homemade bait to remove the pests out of the house. Instead of using costly traps, fabricate sugar blend and a borax and put them in little containers. Put the containers in the ant’s path hence allowing them to feast. The ants will take the food to the other ants to feast thus killing them all. This process will take some days for it to work therefore keeping the pests away.

Biological methods

You can use a cat to keep away the pets from coming into the hose. This is because the cats feed on rodents hence they will not come close to the house knowing that they have an enemy. This will keep your house free from pests.

Mice poison

The easy way to remove pests like mice in the homestead is through the use of mice poison. These days there are various poisons that will eliminate the mice in the seventh generation. If you cannot use poison for one or two reasons, then you should use the special glue to get rid of rodents. Apply the glue on cardboards and put them in the house. The mice will get stuck then thrown away.


mouse trapThis is the type of trap that is used for animal trap. This trap is mostly used for rodents. The trap is placed inside the house and once the mouse comes in it is caught. Afterwards, you can remove it then throw it away.…